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Selling Your Home

I can help you get top dollar for your home under whatever selling conditions suit your needs, whether you have to move quickly, have tenants, or will be living in the home until it sells. Getting your home ready for sale can be a lot of work. Let me help with the heavy-lifting! I can schedule any necessary vendor work prior to listing (e.g., staging), advertise your home in the best light possible, hold open houses to generate buyer excitement, handle negotiations to get you the best price, oversee inspections, work with the buyers' agent, and handle all the necessary paperwork.  

Proper marketing is the foundation for how we move forward in the sale of your home. I know we can do a stellar job to showcase the home and set it apart from everything else in the area. To provide you with the best selling experience possible, I am willing to manage the entire process of selling your home; from readying it for sale to close.

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My Services


In the initial stages, I will evaluate your home for readiness and manage any repairs as needed to ensure you receive top dollar for your home.

Cleaning and landscaping

To prep your home for sale I will schedule and manage deep cleaning and landscaping of your property and cover up to $1k in costs.


Homes that are in good condition and well staged sell for a higher price and in less time.  I will consult with you on the condition and staging of your home to maximize the value. I have stagers ready to go.

We want your home to be shown in the best possible light to all prospective buyers to get you top dollar in the shortest amount of time. We will create a warm and inviting environment focusing on the best architectural features and selling points of your home.

Photography & Floorplans

Promotion starts with great photography and floorplans to showcase your home. Professional photographers have the gift of bringing out the best in your home. By highlighting the charm, character and best features of your home from the start, we are able to set the tone for all future marketing.

Personalized Website

A professional website takes your listing one step further from the competition. Instead of just a virtual tour, you get a website with drone video, professional photography, a virtual tour, property info, and floor plans.

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