A Bit About Me


Homeownership is an opportunity that should be available to all. A home is not only an asset, it represents stability and is a cornerstone for your life and family. A home can be many things; a stepping stone, an investment, or even a reflection of your life and the culmination of your goals. I have found that the most important aspect of the home search or sale is finding out what energizes, drives, and excites you about a home and the next step in your life. I want to be your partner in achieving your goals. Let me put my passion, expertise, and drive to work for you!


“After Hours” Interests

Lifting heavy things, like hay bales
Warm places to have a cup of coffee and read a good book
Learning new things that will make me a better human
A good meal with friends and a nerdy conversation


Little-Known Facts About Me

I grew up on a sheep farm in Eastern Washington with my mom and little brother. I learned a lot from farm life. Sheep have a great personality and capacity to escape even the best fences (if I do say so myself). One of my favorite sounds is of crusty snow crunching under my mud boots in the crisp morning air. I never learned the names of the birds that frequented our home, but remember their songs which bring on nostalgia. Never go horseback riding in the national forest during hunting season… And opening my heart to the animals around me made me a more empathetic person, prone to binge-watching cat videos on YouTube.

Concrete Porch